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How to flirt with girls at the beach, phrases for the acquaintance

Summer, bright green, pleasant flavor of flowers – and you want women's attention so much, that you are ready to give half a kingdom for gentle touch of charming unknown lady.

Acquaintance on the beach allows you to choose a girl that totally corresponds your demand. After all, beach is not an autumn park, where right chosen clothes, skillfully applied makeup and high-heeled shoes help girls to confuse passing by men and make “gray mice” the most graceful lady-cats. Beach is an expanse for girls with hot bodies and not very pretty faces. Men rarely come to meet them in the street, so the lack of men's attention they compensate during three summer months and easily make contact. In addition, girls on a beach usually are in high spirits. And the desire to distract from everyday life and friendly atmosphere in the best way affects the process of dating.

One of the key moments affecting the result of beach acquaintance is your perception of situation. If you perceives acquaintance as a proficiency test, you won't avoid worrying. And it will pull in its turn confusion in words, stuttering and not knowing what to say more. Girls are interested in self-confident, strong men. And strength is measured not by muscle tense, but by inner feeling. That's why treat the acquaintance with a girl on a beach with ease, like entertainment on a sunny day. It should be for you as playing cards. If you've won – great, if not – also nothing bad, even you had fun. Girls ate also living beings and they are also interested in acquaintance not less as you. Even more.

Only imagine, where will her self-esteem go down, if to her towel mate come a dozen of interested boys, and no one comes to her? Therefore, starting an acquaintance you pursue the noble goal — save her self-esteem, not only look for fun for a day, evening or maybe for a whole night. But do not exclude the possibility of failure. Some girls still go to the beach only to have a swim and sunbathe. if the first attempt was unsuccessful, do not worry and go towards adventures and meet new girls! Beach is a large place!

If you don't want the onlookers on the adjacent loungers to bet how soon this beauty with a stunning figure will blow you away don’t walk around the girl you like. First of all, people just love to watch such shows. And secondly, during this walking around a woman, what are you just not thinking about! As if setting yourself up for an acquaintance, you simply pestle your excitement. Do you need it? No, not this at all. So, as soon as you see a suitable object – legs in hands and go towards, until more smart fellow goes ahead of you.

And now let's take a few sample scenarios of beach acquaintance.

Phrases for meeting on the beach

Start a casual conversation with a woman – the simplest and the most uncomplicated way to get acquainted on the beach. In this case, you must capture the attention of the girl with the first phrase. It's good if it'll be a joking, original and positive saying. Try to avoid platitudes like “How is water? Warm?” It's a girl lying in front of you, not a thermometer. Over time, you will have your own list of first phrases and you will learn to improvise. But if nothing comes to mind at all, then below we will share a dozen of statements that will help to start a conversation:

  • You look so sexy in these flippers and mask!
  • Girl, for some reason it seems to me that you are bored now. Let's gather seashells together.
  • I never understand why girls so negative treat sand castles. If you are not one of them, let's remember childhood and build our dream castle.
  • I bet, no one ever met you in the pool
  • Hi, where have you tanned so nice?
  • Please look after my things while I'm swimming.
  • Your butt is red! Why are you smiling?..
  • Girl, I see you're swimming so nice, could you please watch for me, cause I can't swim at all. n gratitude ice cream and coffee.
  • I'm writing a book about how to meet girls on a beach, and I'd like to ask you some questions.
  • Girl! Will you be so kind do not go anymore wagging your hips past that old man. He already had two heart attacks! Walk better past me, I have a strong heart.

If a girl wants to communicate, she will surely answer positively. If not, do not stop and experiment on other girls.

Very often men meeting a girl on a beach make one very significant mistake that costs them effective flirt. Well, remember once and for all, meeting a girl, especially on a beach, forget that you needs something from her. Talk as to your friend, occasionally alternating friendly chatter with compliments.

Unfortunately, boys are often talking to beautiful women unnatural. As to the boss on which depends whether they receive premium or not. Exactly the expectation of reward and fear to lose it affect very negative the quality of communication with girls. It would not be out of place glancing on other girls during talk. Firstly, you will be distracted from obsessive thoughts and excitement will come to naught. Secondly, your interlocutress will experience a slight stab of jealousy, which will whip her up. But it is very important not to overdo, otherwise the girl will have a feeling that she is not interesting to you. Try not to overstep this line.

If you noticed that girl is a little bit tired of the conversation, then invite her to play cards or any other simple game. When she is going to leave, then play the gentleman and see your companion home, even if she refuses.

Beach volleyball will help to meet girls on the beach

If you play volleyball well, then by all means take advantage of it. First, show your skills to others. At this time, select for yourself a few interested beauties, and after that, go up to the most charming one and invite her to keep you company. If she agrees, then consider that a good acquaintance took place. After the end of the game, start a light conversation or suggest seeing her, if she's already going home. In case of a girl’s refusal to play, be persistent, tell that your team lacks namely her presence to win. And if she starts saying that she doesn’t know how to play, then offer your help and teach her. Here you have great prospects for tactile interaction. You can easily embrace her in the process of learning. But not too brazenly, otherwise it will play against you. In this matter, listen to reason and intuition, and do not go on the base instincts.

Surprise the girl with unexpected gifts

Before going to the beach, go shopping and buy some attributes that will help to interest girls. It can be anything. For example, a rose will create the impression of romantic handsome man prone to non-standard and original solutions. On place you will need to hand the flower to the person you like and start a leisurely conversation in which you will need to support and develop the created image. That is, in any case, not to talk about how yesterday you “had been drinking alcohol with the guys in the next bar”.

If your choice fell on ice cream, then it is worth considering that it is necessary to spend the minimum amount of time searching for a girl. I don’t think that the warm, sweet liquid that was once an Eskimo will be interesting for a beauty who is swooned under the rays of the sun. In this case, it is better to choose a woman first, and then rush for the ice cream. If you manage to bring a treat in its original form, then consider that the beach acquaintance is a success. You will only have to start a cheerful conversation and at the end ask the interlocutress for a telephone number.

Fruit are also a win-win. But you need to stock up on several types of fruit. You settle down near a pretty woman and start to consume an apple. When you catch her look, you just offer her an orange with a gesture. If a girl agrees, feel free to approach her and offer fruit and start a conversation. If a person doesn’t look at you at all, then throw away the embarrassment, come to her and treat to fruits. A rare girl will resist the temptation to taste a bunch of grapes on a hot day.

Agree that meet a girl on a beach turns out not so difficult. You just need a little confidence, positiveness and humor. Do not despair if the first acquaintance does not take place! Develop, improve! And ... who knows where you will meet your sweet and unique!


Top 10 phrases for pick up on the beach

  • Girl, do you want me to guess what my name is?
  • Excuse me, what are you doing tonight after we go to a restaurant together?
  • Does the sound of the sea bother you? I can make it quieter …
  • I found a diamond ring in the sand. Is it by chance not yours?
  • Well, not so! I was swimming from Japan for you, and you do not pay attention to me at all!
  • Have you ever met an interesting young man on the beach? Or is this your first?
  • Tell me, is it very striking that I have six toes on my legs?
  • My God, how beautiful you are! Can I pinch you to make sure I'm not sleeping?


10 worst phrases for acquaintance on the beach

  • I saw you swimming like a dog. You probably like doggie style too?
  • Nothing if my friends and I hide from the sun in your shadow?
  • Can you believe it, my vacation has just begun, and my girlfriend has already drowned. Probably, you are also bored alone?
  • Change, change your clothes. I am not looking at you, but at the tree behind you.
  • Maybe, just in case, we'll practice breathing mouth to mouth?
  • Drop it! If I hadn’t pushed you into the water, you wouldn’t be able to come in for another hour.
  • Will you watch over my watch while I'm swimming? And in pledge give me your ring. Nothing, that it does not fit on my finger, I will hold it in a mouth!
  • You are lucky! With such legs flippers are not needed.
  • Please try my swimming trunks already dried up?
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