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Russian scammers and cheaters on dating sites and techniques of their deception

A complete overview of the methods of cunning love scammers

Men are more active in the search of new female friends; they communicate easily and make new friends. Female scammers are well aware of this and often just “play in love” with such men. The consequences of such kind of cheating may be different: from robbery or even a health hazard to the loss of several hundreds or thousands of dollars. All of them are unpleasant, and today we consider the main methods of deception used by professional and not very professional Russian scammers on dating sites. How to recognize them? And, most importantly, how to get rid of these “fatal ladies”? ...

Deception on money (also known as marriage scam)

Just yesterday begun correspondence and communication today turns into extortion of various material goods or the impressive sums of money.

Reasons used by russian scammers are very different - from a serious illness to being in bondage to tyrannical husband somewhere in the southern country. Marriage scammers promise to devote themselves entirely to the power of a male savior, if only he will pay them a ticket or treatment.

Having found a wealthy and lonely man, scammer begins processing him. She talks about her problems, reinforces them with ‘evidences’ – made in Photoshop medical documents, photographs with bruises and injuries (which are, in fact, a professional make-up, or taken pictures from the network), etc.

The solution of interlocutor’s problem can become a certain amount of money: for the operation, for the ticket to home, for the bribery of security guards, etc. Any attempts to offer other help, such as appeal to the police under the threat of her life and health will not succeed: a scammer will find 101 ways to give them up, continuing to put pressure on the pity. Do not react to requests and pleas, remember – if somebody wants something else, besides communication, it is already suspicious!

Unfortunately, 99 out of 100 such requests is a fraud. You can clear your conscience by offering other help or even promise to come, but it is guaranteed to be abandoned. Another trick – inform a woman that you have some good friends in her place of residence and they will certainly help her. Please be assured that she will immediately disappear...

Robbery or fraud in a real life

Having made an appointment with an unknown woman, furthermore easily agreed to meet, be careful! Especially vigilant should be seekers of love affairs without obligation for one night, because exactly in these contacts girls insist on anonymity, and they say almost nothing about themselves - they say that I'm married, I need only a single intimacy and nothing more.

Special mention should be the so-called ‘Clophelinum girls’, who get acquainted with the men in public places, choosing those who are rich and got drunk. These women usually go with their new boyfriends to the room or their apartment, mixing in alcohol Clophelinum (strong soporific). Usually in the morning a man is left alone and without money and valuables. In addition, he can also lose health - the drug is strong and after its use can significantly be affected the general state of memory.

Precautionary measures:

• Try not to bring strange girls home, use the hotel or inform about the presence of video surveillance systems in your house;
• Do not leave the girl alone in the room with your glass and do not trust her pouring alcohol, especially when she tries to send you out of the room, even for a few seconds (to bring water, etc.);
• Ask her more questions about her personal life, even without names;
• Do not lose vigilance and do not abuse alcohol;
• Take measures to safety of valuables and money;
• If the suspicions are strengthened, simulate a call on a cell with talk, from the content of which it will become clear that in half an hour-an hour your friends will call you or even come to your place.

Another meeting with the russian scammers who are waiting for lovers of one-time love affairs threatens with loss of significant funds and unpleasant consequences during visits to bars and restaurants.

‘Dynamo-girls’ – persons, ordering for the expense of others a variety of dishes and drinks, then leaving a man with unpaid bills. The rule of opposition to a similar fraud is simple - do not order more than you are willing to pay (including a double) and tell the waiter not to take orders from a woman in your absence at the table.


Entrap a man with a proposal to have fun in front of webcam is a sweet deal!

After showing a couple of half-naked beauties (hiding, at the same time, face), she requires reciprocity for continuing and getting more “hot” sweets.

Maybe a man will get it but after some time the same girl or unknown citizen, who calls himself her boyfriend, husband or brother will find you. And then you will find several options:

1. You will be notified that the girl is underage, moreover – she is even less than 16 years old, so you will find the court if you do not immediately translate an amount of money to a specified number of the card or phone.
2. You will be detected in a social network (having your photo, name, city and date of birth it is not difficult to do this) and will be blackmailed by the placement of your “pranks” in communities and sites of your city, or on the pages of your friends (or, worse, your wife! ) in the social network.

What to do? Send away and ignore. You can, of course, go to the police and to bring to the public the fact yourself, but do not hurry to do this: blackmailers almost never come up to the fulfillment of their threats in reality. Until their “victim” is afraid of publicity compromising no one will declare to the police and when compromising will be placed, the victim will have nothing to lose and he will exactly go to the police.

To protect you from such kind of scam is simple – do not have fun anywhere and do not show anything intimate to strangers on the Internet!

In conclusion

Stated in any case does not say that online dating sites are dangerous, no!

As in real life, on the Internet you need to follow certain precautions – in fact in real life there is also a risk of running into ‘Clophelinum girl’, ‘Dynamo-girl’ or to become a victim of robbers, to whom you will be led by a casual acquaintance from a night club. Internet is even safer – you have time to chat and to know the person better.

Just do not forget one simple truth: most male victims themselves provoke a woman to such behavior by allowing to be manipulated. So just “use your head” and be vigilant and careful. Making new acquaintances, scammers with naive blue eyes and plump lips carefully evaluate your behavior, and your well-being. So do not hurry to trust the first woman who you like all your secrets and take a look at her more carefully: check her sentimental “life stories” which she tells you. It would be even better if you make her a little “test-drive”: for example, let her know that you have suffered a sudden devastation or admit that you already pay the alimony to three former... If after that the russian on another woman will quickly lose interest to you, it will mean that love from her side was simply a tricky assumption.

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